Thursday, May 7, 2015

Its All About The Truck

In our morning bible time, I asked what "little" faith might mean.  We all sat there and had a real hard time coming up with an answer.  I think we were all in agreement that the things we could think of that required faith, were all in the end, BIG!  So faith, according to the word of God in Hebrews 11 is: the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen. Little faith turns into a  BIG lesson!

I went to our local pet supply store to get rabbit food with our 6 year old.  We went through the normal routine of looking at the toy trucks, tractors, and trailers.  We also went through the normal routine of the question/answer game that ends with, "no honey, I can't but that today."  There was a specific little truck he REALLY wanted and he wanted a trailer to go with it.   I told him I WOULD buy the truck because he had helped me earlier that day clean and he had been very diligent at keeping on task.  I continued to tell him,  I cannot possibly get the trailer to go with it yet and that maybe soon, he could earn some money to buy it and I gave him my word that we would come back when he had earned the money.  He shook his head 'yes' and walked out proudly with his little blue truck.  I will say, I thought there might be a little more of a protest or at least some sort of bargaining that might happen.  I was so proud of him and told him that it made me so happy that he listened and respected my "wait" answer. 

The next stop was our local discount bread store.  We were waiting in line and an elderly gentleman in front of us turned around and looked down at my little boy and said in a weak, scratchy voice, "This is what you call being at the right place at the right time little man!"  He then handed my son a $1 bill.  Then another, and then another.  My sons eyes grew bigger and bigger with each dollar he gave him.  He said, "Thank you so much!"  The gentleman slowly turned around with a smile and walked out.  The cashier had a huge smile on her face and looked at me and winked.  My little boy turned to me and said, "Mommy, he gave me ALL the money he had!"  Such a sweet thing for him to notice that the gentleman made a sacrifice for him. 

We continued outside and I took him by the hands and looked into his big blue eyes and said, "Sweetheart, this is God's reward to you for listening and obeying me earlier.  Do you remember how much that trailer you wanted was?"

" I have enough in my hand mommy?"  He questioned.

"YEP!  The trailer was $2.99 and you now have $3 in your hand!  God knew your heart and He has blessed you for your obedience!"

With eagerness in his voice, "Can we go get my trailer now, mom?"

"That's where I was planning on going!" I said with a smile on my face.

About 2 blocks later, God quietly whispered to my heart, "If I care about a 6 year old and finding him a way to get a trailer, don't you think I can take care of you and provide all that YOU need?!

So, when it looks like everything around me is caving in and I have no answers and only questions, I can walk in BIG faith knowing that my God CAN and WILL take care of me!  My son's little trailer sitting on his bedroom floor, is a reminder of all that my God can do!  If he can whisper in a man's ear to give a little boy all the money in his hand, then I know that He can take care of our family and it only takes one whisper to turn everything around!  I will continue to look to Him and I am persuaded that He is able!   My hope is that He sees and knows our needs, the evidence is that He is working in our behalf to bring glory to Him through our circumstances.

Just ask my little boy!  He has no doubt!!

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